Control System Migration

Control migrations are a staggering undertaking that can make or break the productivity of your plant. Reduce risk and stress in the migration process by working with EPIC. We’ve been doing control migrations for over twenty years.

We know what needs to be done to make your migration process as smooth as possible. As a platform independent integrator, we provide an honest assessment of all possible solutions to select the best one for your plant.

Our focus is on minimizing downtime during the changeover and maximizing your return on investment for years to come. Migrations are not just an upgrade from an obsolete control systems; they are opportunity to take advantage of modern technologies to leap ahead of your competition. During a control migration, EPIC will help you:

  • Identify opportunities for greater system flexibility and reliability
  • Integrate any new technologies, (ex. vision systems for automated QA checks)
  • Justifiy ROI
  • Develop a complete project plan and present to management
  • Optimize your automation strategy
  • Collect data and map your current system
  • Manage any mechanical, eletrical and civil site upgrades
  • Maximize operating up-time during the transition
  • Complete and total system checkout and training
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