Factory Automation

In factory automation the important factors for IoT devices typically involve information that can positively contribute to safety, quality, and time efficiency. In the previously mentioned use cases device position is important. In enclosed factory environments constellation-based positioning, like GPS, isn’t typically used so quality is enhanced as IoT devices bring in precision sensors like GPS. In addition to enhancing quality there are also many IoT device steps that can be put in place for safety. Even if the primary control path is triggered by human interaction, like movement of goods by an overhead crane, safety overlay technology can be put in place to assist the operator. This provides an opportunity to catch something that the operator hasn’t. Finally, being able to shift to an IoT-based architecture enhances efficiency by enabling lower network latency and more local decision making. The example of dynamic adjustment of aluminum rolling nozzle cooling shows the importance of taking delay out of making decisions as an excellent way to improve product efficiency and quality.

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