What is Robotic Machine Tending?

Robotic Machine tending means it is the automated operations of loading and unloading of parts in and out of an industrial machinery by using an industrial robot. The Industrial machinery could be any machines which are used in manufacturing industries for mass production, like CNC Machines, Special purpose machines etc. Although Robotics machine tending means loading and unloading of parts by using robots, we can also incorporate many additional manual works done by a human operator in robotics machine tending solutions. This will ensure Robotics machine tending solutions is a fast and productive replacement of human machine operator. These additional works will include all the below listed works and many more similar works which are carried out by a human operator while operating an industrial machinery.

Why Robotics Machine Tending?

Though There are multiple reason for Robotics machine tending implementation in manufacturing. Industries. We have listed few reasons below prioritizing the importance
    • Increase of production volume: Robot machine tending doesn’t always mean it can work faster than a human, if there is a continuous part feeding system for a robotic machine tending cell, the robots will have same cycle time for infinite times. Which means, if you consider the Fatigue and efficiency of a human operator over a period, the robotic machine tending solutions will always give higher production volume comparatively a human being.
    • Lack of availability of Operators: Mass production Manufacturing facilities are using their human workforce to load and unload parts from machines and to restart the program once the finished part is out of the way. The tasks are often repetitive and qualified workers are becoming harder and harder to find, companies are introducing robots into their workshops to make up for the lack of employees.
    • Safety: Robotics Machine tending can be a replacement for human operators where they are involved in hazardous machine operations which is unsafe for humans. These unsafe operations can be Any kind of cold forging machine loading, hot forging machine loading, etc.
    • Reduction of Overhead costs in production: If the system integrator designs robotics cells with the support of proper information’s from user the Robotics Machine tending cells can drastically reduce the cost of production. Robotics system integrator can achieve this by applying the below listed strategies’ in system design. One is to ensure the robot, or the machines used in the robot cell will never have an idle time or it has a very negligible idle time. Second is the part loading & Unloading units like conveyors, Pallet stations must be designed in a way that the same can be used for loading the components to the next machine available in the process.
Like the above there are many more reasons for having robotics machine tending cell in modern era manufacturing, we have only listed the major reasons.




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