Material Handling

Material handling makes use of the robot’s simple capability to transport objects. By fitting the robot with an appropriate end of arm tool, the robot can efficiently and accurately move product from one location to another. Typical examples for the Robotic matrial handling solutions are

a)Pick & Place system
c)Part Trasnfer
e)Bin Picking

Our material handling robotic solution can eliminate the requirement of hazardous, tedious, or fatiguing labor in an industrial environment. We have complete solution for Foundry & Forge applications like Casting extraction, Insert placement in dies, Handling of sand cores.

Our Robotic palletizers take up far less space than more conventional conveyor-based systems. A robotic palletizer is much more modular than traditional forms of automated palletizing. Due to a robotic palletizer’s modular nature, palletizing can be scaled up to meet demand or to service new product lines. Integrating robotic palletizers into existing spaces and into existing production flow is relatively easy as they are self-contained units

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