We offer advanced Mechanical Engineering and Product Design services to customers across all industries and helping them to develop complex mechanical designs and products. We have a strong team of mechanical engineers who can help you to come up with product designs and services with best in class IT infrastructure support. We are specialized in Body In White (BIW) Fixture design services, BIW refers to the welded sheet metal components which form the vehicles structure to which the other components will be married, i.e., engine, chassis, exterior and interior trim. Our services are

Conceptual design.
CAD modeling and detailing.
Simulation, analysis and prototyping.
Product testing and manufacturing.
Consultancy Services.

BIW Services

* Welding fixture designing for complete Body shell (Side body, under body, Enclosures etc.)
* Designing of prototype and series production welding fixtures.
* Designing of Geo and Respot welding stations.
* Side body framing station.
* Checking and Setting fixtures.
* Hemming fixtures.
* Weld Gun foul analysis.
* Robotic Grippers.
* 3D Concept designing, 2D drafting, detailing and Bill of material generating.

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