Automation Control Panels

Control Systems are used in Industrial Production for managing, commanding and directing the behavior of equipment and machinery. We design, build and take full responsibility for the Industrial Control System from conceptual design to the commissioning and everything in between. Our system control solutions are meant to ensure reliability, facilitate inter-operation ability and increase safety of manufacturing plants. MadoX as a freelancer, delivers solution on all reputed brand products in the market as per customer’s convenience. We make sure that our customers can keep their focus on their line of business by providing worry-free control system to run their process. The following activities will be our offerings towards System Control:
  • Defining the Project requirements & System Architecture design.
  • Detailed Engineering & Selection of Control Hardware.
  • Procurement & Manufacturing of the Electro-Mechanical Controls.
  • Application software development & Functional Testing.
  • Installation & Integration of the various Controls and Machinery.
  • Commissioning and system prove out with MIS establishment.
  • Training & Documentation of the project.
You need scale-able automation solution to accommodate the wide range of capabilities you want to offer your end users. Our product portfolio helps develop machines with the right amount of control, power and information, but with the flexibility needed to make future adjustments. We have a well experienced team with expertise on the following areas of control.

Inspection Control

In today’s manufacturing industries, quality and compliance is everything. Inspection forms an integral part of quality control and however, it’s no longer enough to rely on human inspection. The Automated Inspection systems not only have a higher detection rate than humans, but they are also able to streamline and improve the line’s efficiency. We provide solutions for a variety of measurement and inspection requirements in key manufacturing industries. We automate the inspection controls and have expertise on areas like Vision Inspection, Gauge Inspection, Weighing solutions, Marking & Barcode solutions, Dimensional checking etc.

Line Control

Nowadays, all the Manufacturing industries are common to Production/Assembly lines. These lines will have combination of Machines, Robots, Conveyors, Assembly cell, Inspection cells, etc. We provide control and automation solution to the Production/Assembly lines by integrating independent system to a common platform. We provide centralized control system for the total control and monitoring of the lines using PLC or SCADA solutions. And having hands on experience on the Production line and Assembly line establishment with many projects from the automobile sector.

Machine Tool Controls

There is a large diversity of Machine Tools types manually or electrically powered, manually or automatically operated, simple lathes or complex machining centers, from machines making pieces smaller than a fraction of millimeter to big machines to manufacture pieces of tens of meters. We provide the control solution to each and every one with variety of Technologies. Our team is embedded with the expertise on Motion Control & CNC Technology. We make customized PLC or CNC based solution which encompasses the capacity to produce effectively high accuracy elements in big quantities of any shape designed by the engineers.

Transfer Control




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