Robotic welding

Welding is the most common application and we offer Robotic Arc Welding & Robotic Spot Welding solutions to our customers. In arc welding, the base metals are melted by means of an electric arc produced by maintaining a small distance between the electrode and the base metals. But in spot welding, electric current is made to pass through the base metals and they get welded due to heat produced from the resistance developed. There are various types of welding process; MIG, MAG, TIG, WAAM, CMT to name a few

With a robots ability to process welded components are three to five times faster than humans by operating continuously, withstanding a greater arc on-time and moving quickly between weld joint positions. A robotic welding system can provide substantial increases in output. We are expertized in Robotic Aluminium welding & Robotic Stainless steel welding. We provide solutions with welding powersourses manufacturered from Kemppi, Fronious, Lincoln, Obara, Lorch, Praxair, etc.

We are specilized in Arc welding technology and offer solution on both Robotic Tig welding & Robotic Mig Wleding. Our Welding solution covers the design & supply of sophisticated mechanical fixtures, Turntable, Swivel Tool Changer, Workpiece positioners, Saftety systems and IOT enables control systems. We have a very good track record on welding application and we are an authorized channel partner for Kemppi.

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